About regulations for applications and works

You can enter the contest regardless of nationality, age, gender, or professional/amateur status.

There is no fee to participate. However, you are responsible for costs associated with the application such as the internet connection fee.

Yes, for this contest you can submit photos with or without a date stamp. Either is fine.

In order to apply the same judging conditions as much as possible to numerous works submitted from around the world, we do not accept printed photos.

You may submit photos which are saved in your personal photo album or posted on your individual webpage, blog or SNS which is not intended for business purposes. You may not submit photos which are posted on websites for purchase such as stock photo websites.

No, submitted works will not be returned.

You will not be sent a notice of the receipt regarding your entry, but you can check on the “My Page” section of this website. Please log in and check yourself.

For submitted photos, image data for one file must be within 20MB, the recommended format is JPEG/JPG/150dpi, and sRGB color space is standard.
Submitted videos should be comprised of video footage and/or still images under 60 seconds, MOV or MP4 format only, and video compression format of H.264 MPEG-4VC.

You can submit photos processed and edited by camera applications, editing applications, software, etc. You may submit color or black and white photos.

Even works submitted by a group will be entered under the name of one representative. Therefore, should the photo win, the individual representative will receive the award rather than the entire group.

Yes, a work taken on any date may be submitted.

Yes, you can submit it. You can submit works regardless of whether they include copyright information or not.

No, you may not submit photos/videos that have been submitted to other contests, including works that are similar to those submitted to other contests.

No, even works which will be submitted to other contests after being submitted to this contest are considered to be works submitted to another contest. You may not submit them to this contest.

No, you may not apply under a nickname. Please use your real name when applying. Please be aware that your real name will be displayed in the gallery of works which pass the first round of judging,